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2023 High Holidays

We are looking forward to the high holidays and the year to come, may it be filled with all hashems blessings. 

With a goal of an efficient and effective seat & aliyah process, please find below links.

B'H we have 4 Minyanim this year and you can select your minyan once inside the form.

There will be a notes section to provide any relevant comments you would like to communicate to each minyan captain. 


The Seat Registration form is live and working. Click below to begin. 

Click Each Minyan for Seating Charts

Main Sanctuary

First Minyan 1st Floor Midrash

Midrash Minyan - Speak to David Labaton or Albert Bail


For Aliyot, This year we are offering “Buy It Now” pricing through 9/10. 

Unsold items will be bid on each day of the Holidays. 


Main Minyan with Rabbi Semah -

Midrash Minyan with Rabbi Mizrahi -

First Minyan with Rabbi Dabbah  -


All the information you need should be detailed inside of the links provided. 


Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to the office or committee members with contact information below. 


Melody @ the office -

Lee Cohen -

Meyer Ashear -

Albert Alboucai -

Stephen Franco -

Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784