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Below is the contact for each Minyan's captain. Should you have questions or need special arrangements, please reach out to:

Netz Minyan - Charlie Dadoun - 732-822-9129

1st Minyan - Meyer Ashear- 732-539-4615

Main Minyan - Sammy "Ribs" Kassin - 732-245-9717

Social Hall - Albert Bale - 732-718-0018 

Or Contact Melody in the Office at 732-870-2225 - or email -


Please read the following prior to proceeding to the next page. Links for each minyan are below at the end of the page. 

We have 4 Minyanim This Holiday Season B"H, and we hope you enjoy and grow with us for many years to come. 

  • Netz - 1st Floor Midrash w/Rabbi Condiotti (Purchase Your Seats in the Main Sanctuary (Minha/Arbit & Yom Kippur) Seats on Rosh Hashana Morning in Netz are First come First Serve)
  • 7:00am - 2nd Floor Midrash with Rabbi Dabbah
  • 8:00am - Social Hall Midrash with Rabbi Morris Mizrahi 
  • 8:00am - Main Sanctuary with Rabbi Semah

Seat Prices

  • $250


  • $250

Click Here for the 7:00am First Minyan seats and membership payment. 

Click Here for the 8:00am Social Hall Minyan seats and membership payment. 

Click Here for the 8:00am Main Minyan seats and membership payment. 



for 1st minyan & the main minyan, please contact the minyan captains above for aliyot. 



social hall minyan - Click Here for Holiday Aliyot & Dedication Oppurtunities

If you bid on an item, you will be notified by text message if you've been outbid. You can RE-bid by responding to that text message. 

If you choose to "Buy it Now" that item will no longer be available to the public. 



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