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    History Of Congregation Magen Abraham

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Congregation Magen Abraham of West Long Branch, NJ

We have proudly been the center of the West Long Branch Syrian Community for over thirty years.

About Our Shul

The magnificent Congregation Magen Abraham is located in West Long Branch New Jersey. Congregation Magen Abraham is under the able leadership of our beloved Rabbi, Rabbi Reuben Semah.

Rabbi Mordechai Dabbah helps Rabbi Semah teaching our community’s beautiful Minhagim and Halachot, to our adult men and ladies, as well as our young children. Our Synagogue now has five Minyanim each Shabbat morning, catering to every age group. Our Youth Program Minyan is now attended by almost one hundred children every Shabbat.

Read more about our Shul’s rich history →

Daily Minyanim

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  • Congregation Magen Abraham

    Congregation Magen Abraham is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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Season 3  (18)Childrens Hospital  (10)   Childrens Hospital Season 7  (10)Chuck  (91)   Chuck Season 1  (13)   Chuck Season 2  (22)   Chuck Season 3  (19)   Chuck Season 4  (24)   Chuck Season 5  (13)Clipped  (10)   Clipped Season 1  (10)Code Black  (16)   Code Black Season 1  (16)Code of a Killer  (2)   Code of a Killer Season 1  (2)Cold Justice  (7)   Cold Justice Season 3  (7)Colony  (11)   Colony Season 1  (11)Community  (109)   Community Season 1  (24)   Community Season 2  (24)   Community Season 3  (22)   Community Season 4  (13)   Community Season 5  (13)   Community Season 6  (13)complications  (9)   complications season 1  (9)Constantine  (13)   Constantine Season 1  (13)Continuum  (6)   Continuum Season 4  (6)Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  (14)   Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1  (14)Criminal Minds  (249)   Criminal Minds Season 1  (22)   Criminal Minds Season 10  (23)   Criminal Minds Season 11  (18)   Criminal Minds Season 2  (23)   Criminal Minds Season 3  (20)   Criminal Minds Season 4  (26)   Criminal Minds Season 5  (23)   Criminal Minds Season 6  (24)   Criminal Minds Season 7  (23)   Criminal Minds Season 8  (23)   Criminal Minds Season 9  (24)Criminal Minds Beyond Borders  (2)   Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Season 1  (2)Cristela  (22)   Cristela Season 1  (22)Crossing Lines  (31)   Crossing Lines Season 1  (9)   Crossing Lines Season 2  (9)   Crossing Lines Season 3  (13)CSI Cyber  (31)   CSI Cyber Season 1  (13)   CSI Cyber Season 2  (18)Da Vincis Demons  (28)   Da Vincis Demons Season 1  (8)   Da Vincis Demons Season 2  (10)   Da Vincis Demons Season 3  (10)Daredevil  (38)   Daredevil Season 1  (24)   Daredevil Season 2  (14)Dark Matter  (13)   Dark Matter Season 1  (13)Dark Net  (7)   Dark Net Season 1  (7)Deadliest Catch  (7)   Deadliest Catch Season 11  (7)Deadwood  (36)   Deadwood Season 1  (12)   Deadwood Season 2  (12)   Deadwood Season 3  (12)Defiance  (38)   Defiance Season 1  (12)   Defiance Season 2  (13)   Defiance Season 3  (13)Desperate Housewives  (180)   Desperate Housewives Season 1  (23)   Desperate Housewives Season 2  (24)   Desperate Housewives Season 3  (23)   Desperate Housewives Season 4  (17)   Desperate Housewives Season 5  (24)   Desperate Housewives Season 6  (23)   Desperate Housewives Season 7  (23)   Desperate Housewives Season 8  (23)Devious Maids  (39)   Devious Maids Season 1  (13)   Devious Maids Season 2  (13)   Devious Maids Season 3  (13)Dexter  (96)   Dexter Season 1  (12)   Dexter Season 2  (12)   Dexter Season 3  (12)   Dexter Season 4  (12)   Dexter Season 5  (12)   Dexter Season 6  (12)   Dexter Season 7  (12)   Dexter Season 8  (12)Difficult People  (8)   Difficult People Season 1  (8)Dig  (10)   Dig Season 1  (10)Doctor Who  (115)   Doctor Who Season 1  (13)   Doctor Who Season 2  (13)   Doctor Who Season 3  (13)   Doctor Who Season 4  (13)   Doctor Who Season 5  (13)   Doctor Who Season 6  (13)   Doctor Who Season 7  (13)   Doctor Who Season 8  (12)   Doctor Who Season 9  (12)Dominion  (21)   Dominion Season 1  (8)   Dominion Season 2  (13)Downton Abbey  (10)   Downton Abbey Season 6  (10)Dr.

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